Able, when and where necessary, to produce adequate copy-writing in styles to suit the particular project.


I can’t deny that I’ve done famous people’s do’s, some of them I’ve worked with, others who are just interested in the sort of thing that I do, which is a great complement, especially when you see them again and look at their style and think I did that.

I dislike name dropping though, I’m as committed to creating a good look for any client whether a-list, b-list or shopping-list. I care about what I do, not who I do. Let’s just say I have been known to style a celeb or two, and leave it at that.

Excerpt from the Lee Stafford site. The first-person tone of was chosen to give both the site and Lee a tangible personality to the user. The site was written in collaboration with nbpr and the QuantumBeautyCompany.