13 years of experience working with Photoshop, since version 4 – hopefully I᾿ve developed into a sympathetic retoucher for both the client᾿s needs and the photographer’s intentions.


Lee Stafford Hurricane Hairshot, proof of principle Lee Stafford Hurricane Hairshot, before compositing

Artwork concept to promote Lee Stafford, and his wet & electrical products. Deliberately frivolous, and an attempt to evoke the humour that the Lee Stafford brand has so successfully leveraged.

The piece required;

  • clipping & photoshopping of the initial photograph of Lee and model (taken by Hungry Tiger),
  • the photography, retouching and compositing of thirteen wet products,
  • replacing original hairdryer for a contemporary model,
  • adding the cartoon hurricane clouds.

Though successful in it’s rendering, the emotive was considered wrong for the targeted demographic.