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The collection of the Deserters tore into the casks, tearing them to pieces in a desperate frenzy to get to the contents. Abu-Saul was not among them as he found sustenance in places other than food or gold. His reward was of the female persuasion…

Obidiah stood with Dotti over the inebriated Adragain, while Ulf screamed in pure Finklestein fashion about the past relationship between the Elf’s mother and a passing stray dog. After several minutes Obidiah held up his hands and motioned for the Dwarf to fall slient. He then made a gesture over his shoulder and a shadow fell across the General’s back.

I understand little ‘un that you be desirous of settling things, but with your being so small and all, I fink that its better left to Gruga.

A sound like rocks being crushed was heard as Messa strode forward.

* * * *

Excerpt from Jezails at Dusk story in Obidiah’s Army. Obidiah’s Army source book written in collaboration with Gavin Syme and Mike Roberts.